Soapbox Challenge 2021

Soapbox Challenge 2021

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th August

The incredibly popular Soapbox Challenge, of which E+R is a sponsor, will return for the delight of the onlookers.

For 2021 they will tour not only Accrington town centre on the Saturday, but also for the first time look to close down Queen Street in Great Harwood on the Sunday, and make this a multi-site event across the weekend.

The last event saw 26 contestants, over 9000 spectators, and a flurry of family fun stalls and activities. ‘Soapbox cars’ were historically made from wooden soap crates, hence the name, but materials have become more varied since the first publicly recorded Soapbox race in 1904!

Competitors will be challenged to create a four-wheeled non-motorised Soapbox vehicle, using only gravity for fuel and speed. The soapbox must have a form of steering, the ability to brake and competitor safety helmets must be worn – aside from that, there are no rules… it’s simply the first to reach the finishing line wins!

Novelty prizes will also be awarded to competitors such as the Best Soapbox Design and Best Team Costume.
You can be a part of making a difference this year, with the winner of the challenge choosing a local charity to donate to.

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