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+ Fin Mill

Built to exacting standards, this best-in-class Fin Mill is an essential element for the successful integration of a fully automatic production cell.

Capable of single or twin lane operation and up to 75 cuts and 250 per minute, the unique high-speed fin slicer guarantees root or peak cut off with zero error in convolution count - without fin damage. Up to 100mm strip widths.

  • Built to exacting standards with both single and twin track production.
  • Fully compatible with FMC Form & Gather roll cassettes.
  • Excellent digital back tension and pitch control ensures accurate height and pitch.
  • Option of side or upper/lower pitch control system.
  • Optional Calibration station for flat top fins, gives height repeatability within +/0.02mm.
  • Wider machines available for turbulator or CAC products up to 330mm.
  • Aluminium or stainless steel materials accommodated.

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Rolled oil cooler Fin

Flat Top Fin

Offset fin

Bespoke narrow louvre fin

+ Custom development for all Heat Exchange applications

Our objective is to provide you with the ultimate solution that completely matches your needs, so our engineers will work with you from the concept stage to ensure you have the best possible design.

We are able to design and manufacture a range of form and tube mill rolls to suit your machinery irrespective of the origin or type. We will regrind or remake your existing rolls either in HSS or Carbide, the choice is yours.

Advanced Fin Forming & Heat Exchanger development

+ Engineering Capabilities

Experienced mechanical and electrical assembly and installation engineers

  • Wide experience across diverse range of applications
  • Mechanical assembly, set-up and calibration of machine sections in-house
  • In-house panel build for control cubicles
  • Installations completed globally, turn-key start-ups possible

Machine shop for the manufacture of key components

  • Equipment portfolio focussed on key elements of machinery – machine frames and ties, rollers, precision components
  • Early/late shift pattern
  • Complete ‘ownership’ of critical components

 Tool room for manufacture of precision components

  • Precision equipment – wire EDM, CNC grinding and finishing
  • Precision inspection and component validation equipment – CMM, Jodon etc.

Compliant to ISO9001:2008 quality system

  • Component inspection and quality validation
  • Assembly validation and sign-off at FAT and SAT

+ Manufacturing Capabilities

Experienced mechanical and electrical/control engineering team

  • 18 full-time engineers
  • Web transport, roller design, web guiding, spreading etc.
  • Drying technologies
  • Coating technologies
  • Machinery sub-systems – pneumatics, hydraulics, cooling systems, vacuum

Mechanical design in 3D drafting system with sophisticated FEA

  • Complex stress analysis of vacuum vessels ensures optimal design
  • Stress deflection analysis for optimal precision and accuracy

Full control systems design – hardware and software

  • Electrical control cubicles, HMI and operator pendants
  • Wide variety of vendors – Rockwell, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Mitsubishi etc.
  • Fully compliant safety systems
  • Software design and implementation
  • Complex drive algorithms – registration, dynamic positioning, tension sensitivity and processing
  • Testing and commissioning of systems by E&R staff

+ Advanced Forming Solutions

Tube Mill

+ Tube Mill

Runs at 150 metres and 300 cuts per minute. Quick changeover – change from one model to another easily within 30 minutes.

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Tube Collection Systems

+ Tube Collection Systems

Designed to collect folded tubes for storage in trays or paper band tubes at up to 300 tubes/min. Accommodates tube lengths from 130mm – 1200mm.

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Turbulator Machine

+ Turbulator Machine

Robust and flexible machine capable of up to 310mm strip width and 150 cuts/min.

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Fin Mill

+ Fin Mill

Capable of single or twin lane operation and up to 75 cuts and 250 per minute. Built to exacting standards with both single and twin track production.

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CAC Tube Mill

+ CAC Tube Mill

Designed to be flexible - has a sub plate design to allow for quick changeovers between different products. Capable of producing tubes up to 100mm high.

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+ Tooling

World-leading capabilities for new heat exchanger, fin and tube tooling. Our engineers will work with you to provide the ultimate solution.

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Fin / Tube Insertion

+ Fin / Tube Insertion

Systems available to suit CAC or ATOC fin/tube insertion. CAC tubes up to 60 tubes/min, ATOC tubes with 2 internal fins 20 tubes/min.

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Core Assembly / Core Builder

+ Core Assembly / Core Builder

Manual output machine and fully automated solutions available.

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+ Forming Technical Articles

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over decades of experience in their fields of specialism. Read our technical articles to find out how we have used this expertise, with creative problem solving and critical thinking, to meet and surpass our customers’ needs.