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+ Total Service Solutions

Our worldwide service centres carry a varied range of parts and consumables.

+ Experience

E+R is a world-leading equipment engineering company. We have grown and developed across a number of market sectors including Print, Forming, Vacuum and Coating and we are proud to be a leading manufacturer of sophisticated roll-to-roll production machinery.

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+ Expertise

E+R puts innovation, creativity and invention at the heart of everything we do. We continue to invest in research projects to explore the limits of engineered solutions for our customers and we are committed to challenging the status quo.

We work collaboratively with partners in private industry and from the world of academia to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of innovation.


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COVID-19 working

+ Covid-19 working

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, E+R has been working hard to maintain, and even improve, the service we give to our customers.

In addition to the traditional onsite physical visits, we can also deliver our service contracts by dialling in to see how your machine is performing, and suggest improvements and tweaks to enhance your profitability.

Training | E+R Service
If we can’t get to you, due to travel restrictions, we can provide online training to your own staff or local contractors, to ensure you get the very highest levels of service possible under current restrictions.

During COVID-19 restrictions we have continued to travel to all countries permitting, to install and keep your machines running as needed.

We’ve been able to do this by carefully keeping our people in ‘worker and travel’ bubbles – keeping our team members safe and our customers happy.

+ Spare Parts & Consumables

E+R is totally committed to providing the best spare parts and consumables, delivered to your site as quickly as possible.

Whether they are manufactured by E+R, or produced by others then tested and approved by E+R, only these parts and consumables will be fully compliant with the rigorous E+R quality criteria. And only they guarantee the best operation of your equipment.

Parts and consumables appear generic but may differ to the exact model of your machine.

Only by coming to our service centre are you guaranteed the correct part.

Even if we don’t have the part, we will have the original drawings and can get your order manufactured as soon as possible.

Call our dedicated spares & service hotline on +44 1254 306306

  • Reduced risk of wear and tear
  • Longer lifespan for your equipment
  • Assured compatibility
  • Increased operator and equipment safety
  • Same day shipping
  • Stock held in US, UK, China & India

+ E+R Maintenance Services

+ Maintenance

At any time in the life of your machine, you can subscribe to a 12 month maintenance agreement for a personalised plan for preventive maintenance by E+R experts.

To increase your machine availability while improving production quality and extend your equipment’s lifecycle, we’ll conduct regular inspections and take measures to minimize breakdowns.

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections by certified E+R technicians.
  • Standardised reports including early identification of equipment problems and recommendations on potential improvements.
  • Maintenance including overhaul, defect rectification and parts replacement as recommended in the report to minimize the risk of failure.
  • Quality of E+R-certified spare and wear parts to guarantee optimal operation.

+ E+R Maintenance Premium

Would you like to gain the peace of mind that control of total cost of ownership brings?

We can offer you this through a subscription by subscribing to a personalised Maintenance Premium Service Agreement when you invest in a new machine.

Maintenance Premium provides up to five years of superior all-inclusive maintenance coverage, including services, engineering service solutions by E+R experts and E+R-certified spare and wear parts.

It’s the best way to ensure your equipment stays in optimal condition for maximum machine availability and top operational productivity. You’ll have 100% control of your maintenance budgets while getting the maximum economic return on your operations and keep your equipment like new longer.

  • Guaranteed access to certified E+R technicians.
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance inspections including improvement recommendations.
  • Interventions planned in accordance with your schedule.
  • Any maintenance measures identified to minimize the potential for breakdown.
  • Priority response for any issues.
  • All necessary E+R-certified spare and wear parts.
  • Remote Monitoring and Downtime Tracking Apps for peace of mind and ability to act if needed, from anywhere.

+ On-request inspection & repair

E+R backs our equipment with general maintenance and repair services, such as lubrication, and oil and filter changes, for the care and upkeep of your equipment.

On top of this, we offer practical guides to help you troubleshoot and fix issues yourself.

If you need more support then we’re available for a technical inspection and assessment of your equipment and preventative or corrective maintenance on request.

  • Reduce and anticipate downtime.
  • Maintain machine performance.

+ Stay up and running

Productivity takes more than a best-in-class machine. That’s why, at E+R, maintenance solutions to suit your specific needs are part of our commitment to ensuring you achieve top productivity. Because we know your machine better than anyone, our maintenance solutions providing condition-based monitoring and preventive maintenance management will help you minimize downtime, maximise performance and protect your investment through proactive maintenance executions.

Overview of maintenance servicesOn-request inspectionMaintenanceMaintenance Premium
Phone customer supportXXX
Remote troubleshooting and support via Internet connectionOptionalX
On-request maintenance inspectionsXXX
Maintenance report and recommendationsXXX
Field technician servicesX*X
Spare and wear parts includedX
Remote monitoring and downtime tracking AppsOptionalX
*Special labour rate on all service visits

+ Relocations

Life is full of changes. So is industry. You may need to move your E+R machines, perhaps a few feet, perhaps a few thousand miles.

You can count on us to take care of it. From preparing the move to reinstalling at the new location – not forgetting transportation – E+R takes care of everything, giving you turnkey reinstallation of your machines.

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