E+R 'mega-repeat' system allows images to be printed on repeat cycle different to that of the rotary screen.

With E+R’s expertise in screen heads and registration systems, we were able to combine these technologies with sophisticated electronic controls to enable an image to be printed on a repeat - different to that of the rotary screen.

With this feature, images can now be placed accurately in-register, with images printed by the previous station.

This enables wallpaper design to be produced with a repeat far greater than the size of the screen, allowing more creative possibilities than ever before for your customers.

In the video, we use six screens to produce a 1.8m wallpaper design. To clearly show the process at work, we have slowed the machine down to a fraction of its usual operating speed.

The process is unique, patented, and only available from E+R For Skip Printing System.

For more information please contact a member of our Print technical team.

mega-repeat wallcovering system from E+R

See ‘Mega-Repeat’ in action above  in this slowed-down video to show the process at work

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