+ New frontiers in custom built Vacuum technology

This month sees the end of a process spanning more than two years to bring a new machine into full production running a pre-existing process but with much improved outcomes.

Trinity Technology Group (TTG) represents the leading edge of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane applications.

Headquartered in Higginsville Missouri, their state of the art facility manufactures a wide range of products; spanning the global waterproof-breathable consumer and technical apparel markets to ePTFE membranes and laminates.

TTG designs manufactures and markets products that protect people, equipment and the environment.

When TTG Inc. needed to increase their production capacity of roll-to-roll hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, they engaged with Emerson and Renwick. The team at E+R leveraged their depth of knowledge in engineering, design and process to produce a machine that surpasses its predecessors.

In some areas the performance improvements are in the hundreds of percent. The new machine meets the needs of capability and availability while driving down the total cost of ownership and also providing opportunities for development.

New frontiers in custom built Vacuum technology

A Special Purpose Vacuum Coater | Custom Built Vacuum Technology

This next generation Roll to Roll PECVD vacuum coater is the result of meticulous analysis of the process and its’ behaviours, outcomes and shortcomings.

The team redesigned every aspect of the machine to engineer out identified problems leading to shorter process times, increased machine availability and reduced running costs.

A Special Purpose Vacuum Coater

The web transport system delivers precise control with multi-mode control capable for transporting a variety of substrates ranging from extensible membranes to heavier fabrics and laminates.

A Special Purpose Vacuum Coater

Redundant vacuum pumps increase performance while also adding resilience to the vacuum pumping system.

Effective zone separation and dual zone pressure control reduces cross contamination between zones to reduce maintenance and increase availability.

For any complex piece of equipment, the useability is always a key feature and for this reason, a great deal of focus was given to the machine control systems and user interface.

The resulting control system ensures that the machine operator has all the control and information needed in a clear and rational fashion while providing feedback on the process at all times.

Emerson and Renwick were formed in 1918 In the town of Accrington, Lancashire making machinery for the textile industry. Today, the company still has its headquarters in Accrington but also has operations in USA and China.

E+R operate mainly across four business areas: Printing and Wallcovering Equipment, Vacuum Coating Equipment, Atmospheric Coating Equipment and Heat Exchanger Equipment.

With over 100 years of history and more than 170 staff, E+R offer a depth and breadth of experience ready to tackle your most challenging requirements.

E+R provide a full service including: R&D, design, project management, manufacture and installation.

Example FEA Coater Frames

Example FEA Coater Frames

  • Shows ‘before and after’ for original rollers in two differing frame designs
  • Correct design reduces variances during operation and enhances – max deflection reduced from 100um to 26um in example
Example FEA Rollers

Example FEA Rollers

  • Shows ‘before and after’ for original and modified roller design
  • Correct design with attention to shafts, journals and internal construction –deflection reduced from 6 to c. 4um

Project sizes vary from small upgrades to multi-million pound bespoke solutions:

High-Temperature ALD Source | Custom Built Vacuum Technology

  • No face contact to coated surface
  • De-interleave and re-interleave
  • Guided unwind and rewind
  • In-vacuum web cleaning for particulate control
  • Coating drum heated to 350 deg C
  • High capacity spatial ALD source
  • Highly adjustable deposition rate
  • Excellent repeatability and uniformity up to 350 deg C
  • ALD process versatility with many pre-cursors e.g. TMA,3DMAS, Silanol, NH3, Ozone
  • Independently pumped coating head
High Temperature ALD source Roll to Roll Vacuum Coating Platforms
Carbon Fibre Resin Coater and Pre-Preg Line

Carbon Fibre Resin Coater and Pre-Preg Line

  • 1700mm web width, 40mpm web speed
  • Machine can operate as independent web coater machine and independent pre-preg machine or in combination
  • Ultra precision 3-roll reverse roll coater for coating of high viscosity thermo-activated resins
  • Zero tension auto-changeover for sensitive woven fabric materials
  • 3-off high precisions calendaring nips with hot/cool plates for pre-preg processing
  • Multiple unwind and rewind systems for intermediate lamination steps – side loading with reliable lap splicing
  • Zero speed splicing with web accumulator for main product rewind
  • Turn-key installation at site in Italy

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