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Playing the long game with custom-built engineering
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Playing the long game with custom-built engineering

This month sees the conclusion of a project spanning more than two years; bringing a new machine into full production running a pre-existing process but with much improved outcomes.

When a high tech US customer needed to increase their production capacity of roll-to-roll hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, they engaged with Emerson and Renwick. The team at E+R leveraged their depth of knowledge in engineering, design and process to produce a machine that surpasses its predecessors. In some areas the performance improvements are in the hundreds of percent. The new machine meets the needs of capability and availability while driving down the total cost of ownership and also providing opportunities for development.

This next generation Roll-to-Roll PaCVD vacuum coater is the result of meticulous analysis of the process and its’ behaviours, outcomes and shortcomings. The team redesigned every aspect of the machine to engineer out identified problems leading to shorter process times, increased machine availability and reduced running costs.

The web transport system delivers precise control with multi-mode control capable for transporting a variety of substrates ranging from extensible membranes to heavier fabrics and laminates.

For any complex piece of equipment, the usability is always a key feature and for this reason, a great deal of focus was given to the machine control systems and user interface. The resulting control system ensures that the machine operator has all the control and information needed in a clear and rational fashion while providing feedback on the process at all times.

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